Hands down, The best service I’ve experienced at a dentist. All staff were professional and personable.
Patricia was amazing. I’ll defiantly return and will refer friends to Seyf
Keep being this awesome.

Very pleased with the results of my braces and the speed of the process!
Mrs Liz Oskoui

Dr Seyf is SAFE!
Mrs Robin Miranda

For someone like myself being very nervous, I have found so much help and relaxed now when I have treatment
Mrs Lesley Wade

Thank you Dr Patricia for such a brilliant service and for looking after me. The best dental practice I have been to in London.
Mrs Clare Cosentino

Very professional and Friendly Clinic
Mrs Marissa Terpstre

Very positive experience. Patricia and her team are very professional accurate and experienced. The treatment was very good, with in-depth explanations of all steps and work to do. Strongly recommended!
Mr Giuseppe Marrangino

Great to have a good local dentist
Mrs Chritine Chittik

Friendly and highly competent staff, a professional and family atmosphere.
Mr Damian Lyle

Very good Treatment, Modern, clean, well informed, Perfect!
Mr Tim Little

I have always found Dr Seyf to be most professional and courteous,
maintaining high standards at all times. It is a positive reflection of
her dentistry that both myself and my children stopped dreading
attending appointments. Highly recommended.
Joanna McGregor

I was extremely satisfied and most impressed with the treatment you gave. You clearly took great care and pride in your work; in particular your meticulous attention to detail, the like of which I hadn’t had before or received since. With that experience I was more than happy to suggest that my husband, Chris
saw you too, his needs being far greater than mine! My mother also
visited you,
was equally impressed. I knew my teeth had the potential to look better
and with
your treatment, the best cleaning and advice they do now.
Nicola Gay.

I have to say that your knowledge and professionalism was instantly recognisable and it made a decision to put my on-going dental care in your hands an easy one. While no-one relishes a trip to see the dentist, I always found it easy to contemplate visiting you for check-ups and for the fabulous job you did on the
hygiene front – the best cleans I’ve ever had. I really miss that! Above all
else it was great to finally find a dentist I could trust implicitly when it came
to advice as well as ‘hands-on’ treatment.
Chris Gay

During all these years we found Patricia to be very professional and also very careful and considerate
which is of great importance especially when treating children.
Anna & Mikael Schoultz

I had extensive work carried out on my teeth and my treatment spanned a few years. Ms Seyf did all of this.
I was extremely happy with the quality of her work and the manner it
was carried out. I considered her whole approach to be exemplary.
This was one of the reasons I asked her to look after the teeth of my,
then, three year old son.Her work and manner were exemplary
as previously stated and what is more I trusted her These are qualities
that once you come across in a dentist you do your best to maintain that
professional relationship.
Dr S Bose

Dr Patricia Seyf is very professional. The quality of service she provides are very high. The practice is very clean and comfortable. I enjoy having treatment at Seyf Dental and would recommend it to everyone
Ms Assel Rakhimova

Dr Patricia Seyf is a highly skilled professional, would recommend without hesitation
Mrs Marian Sanderson

To all the staff at Seyf dental practice, thank you for your good work and for restoring my faith in dentists again. I hardly freak out at all now.
Lots of love and thanks Alison

I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend the practice
Mr R Bright

My wife and I are very happy with the skilful treatment provided by Dr Seyf and will recommend Seyf Dental to our friends.

This dental practice is very professional and very welcoming. The dentist and the dental nurse are very friendly and immediately put you at your ease. There is a lot of attention paid to your comfort as soon as the dentist suspects that you are suffering any pain she stops at once. The surgery itself is immaculate and the equipment is excellent. I would recommend the practice to everybody.
Mrs P. Morgan

Dr Seyf and her team are professional and caring. I have never felt so much at ease with dentistry!
Mr Giuseppe Boscherini

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Seyf dentists, the staff are very welcoming and take a personal interest in their clients which is refreshing change to previous dentists! The Service and attention I receive are excellent, it makes visiting the dentist into a very pleasant experience despite the obvious downside of treatment!
Mrs C. Smith

I’ve always been scared to go to the dentist but since Patricia has been my dentist I actually look forward to going. She is not only amazing at what she does but also makes you feel so comfortable, making sure you never experience any pain. The practice looks trendy and clean and service is always great.
Miss R. Arnessen

In a long life and many, varying dental experiences, Seyf Dental in definitely the best, quite brilliant.
Mrs June George

Patricia is very approachable and makes herself available when things are not right. Most importantly she gives the impression she is very competent and has your best interest at heart.
Mr G M

Professional and caring service for my family and I. Excellent
Mr A Dawson

Dear Dr Seyf, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your support and great skills during my emergency on Monday. I will be back
Anna S.

Thank you for a great service
Mr C Longhitano

An excellent service, Clear communication, efficient, though gentle and thoughtfully caring.
I was recommended by an enthusiastic elderly friend and would in turn highly recommend Seyf Dental service.
Mrs M Ann Layton

Over the years Dr. Seyf has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist and fear of the pain. She is very patient, calming, takes time to explain things so I can understand them and has a sense of humor which helps. I also very much like the rest of the staff, they are so friendly and helpful
Mr Alaa Zaki

“Dr Patricia Seyf is the kindest, most pain free dentist, certainly the most skilful I have experienced. Extremely patient, understanding, made me feel so good about my lovely teeth. I would rate her better than excellent.
Anne Sansom

"Having lived in the States for years the prospect of finding a comparable dentist in the UK with the same high standards was daunting, until I met you. I continue to be impressed by the high quality of work, care, professionalism and positive attitude displayed by you and your entire dental team. You guys make going to the dentist a pleasure. You all rock!! My children have grown up with you from toddlers to teenagers now and they wouldn’t have it any other way. You are all so incredibly attentive, very professional and extremely friendly we always feel at ease, keep up the great work !”
Dee Evans

We have been extremely satisfied and most impressed with the treatment from Patricia. She clearly takes great care and pride in her work - in particular her meticulous attention to detail. She shows real interest in her patients’ concerns and needs which means visits are more comfortable and relaxing.
We knew our teeth had the potential to look better and with Patricia’s advice and the best cleaning we’ve ever experienced, they do now.

All the best,
Nikki & Chris.

Patricia Seyf is a highly skilled dental surgeon who looked after our teeth for two years until she had to move to a practice further away.

Her restorative dental treatments have proved to be not only necessary but admired by others, including her competitors.

Her sympathetic and caring approach are more than enough to inspire confidence and we shall miss her patient-friendly contact when necessity demands a visit to the dentist.
John and Rosalind Baines

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving dental treatment from your practice. Originally I was quite sceptical about parting with almost £1,000 for private dental care as you can probably imagine. After several appointments I must say I am extremely impressed by your service, especially Patricia the dentist. Their service was impeccable, I was seen to within a couple of minutes after arriving, the level of care and hygiene once in the practice was the highest I have seen, and your staff incredibly friendly. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to go the dentist – which I thought I would never hear myself say!

Where do I start…I had never looked forward to going to the dentist before, but I really do now. In fact it’s a bit like going to see and old friend for me. You guys are so friendly, sweet and caring that it is truly a pleasure to come and have my teeth done.
As for the work, it is brilliant from start to finish – hardly any pain, and every step explained beautifully. The results look great and feel great… So glad you’ve moved to Barnes!
Sepideh Shayegan

I’m one very difficult and nervous patient, but they have somehow managed to put even me at ease. Much as I dislike the dentist, this one has my vote. Many many thanks for your patience.
Lilian Hunter

I have chosen this dentist on grounds of convenient location. The service I have received has been excellent and characterised by ‘the personal touch’. The premises are excellent and everyone is considerate and very professional.
My only reservation is the cost of treatment which is at the high end or exceeds Which’s guide to dental treatment costs and makes me reluctant to initiate treatment unless absolutely essential.
Liz Pinfold

The treatment I received was the most delicate and gentle I have ever experienced. I didn’t feel the injections at all and quite frankly I felt I could drift off to sleep. The team was so supportive and always willing to help if I needed transportation on a wet and wintery day. I have been bestowing your virtues to everybody. This has been the least stressful dental experience and I am so glad that I found you.
Mrs Harriet Hardiment

I would recommend Seyf Dental without hesitation. The team were always warm and welcoming (yet also so professional) putting me at ease immediately. The actual dental work was perfect - I am really so happy with the results! Thank you to Patricia, Maria and Krasi for being a really brilliant team.
Nadine Abell MA(Cantab), DipHPsych, DipNLP, MNCH(Reg), HPD
Clinical Hypnotherapist

My families’ first experience with Dr Seyf and her team immediately calmed any previous experiences I have had with dental practitioners. Her knowledge, professionalism and personable demeanour made our visit extremely enjoyable. Not many people can say that about their dentists! Upon arrival we were made to feel so welcome, relaxed and comfortable. With state of the art facilities I knew we would receive the best care possible.
I am so happy I found Seyf Dental and welcome many years of treatment knowing that my family and I will always be cared for and given the best treatment available.
William Ando

Very happy with my experience at Seyf Dental. Going to the hygienist is something I dread and usually find extremely painful. At Seyf Dental they really did everything they could to make the experience more pleasant. They also explained my dental care extremely well and I have noticed a massive improvement with my gums which have previously always caused me problems.

The lingering fear of dentists were gone the moment I stepped into Dr Seyf’s practice. The team is professional, dedicated and takes pride in providing the best possible service. I would recommend Seyf Dental’s service to anyone!
Mr Steven Chang

If going to the dentist can be considered enjoyable – then it was! The ambience and décor are beautiful and very relaxing.
Vivian Little

I have just had a completely painless extraction with so much care and kindness. I am thrilled to have found a bright, clean surgery run by charming, helpful and efficient staff. I heartily recommend this practice. I can’t fault you!
June Evans

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say a massive thank you for the level of treatment I received yesterday. It was clear that my dental problem was causing a great deal of discomfort for no sooner had I returned home; I felt a certain sense of euphoria. Which hasn’t really subsided. Hopefully not the anaesthetic!
I slept very well last night for the first time in months and am able to properly concentrate on my work again. I’ve had very little discomfort, if any in real terms and no ill effects at all.
Thank you all again for making me feel very at ease and in safe hands.
Kindest regards

veryone is so kind, friendly and caring. I’m so glad Seyf Dental has come to Barnes.
Anne Sadlier

A most professional practice which has been created to give a relaxed and peaceful ambience making one feel confident and cared for from the moment you walk in. Highly recommended.
Joanna McGregor

Thank you for sorting out Georgia’s teeth. They are quite wonderful now!

I have great pleasure in recommending Patricia to anyone who requires professional excellence and fastidious attention to detail with a genuine caring attitude…and gentle too. Patricia, by nature is a kind and extremely competent individual who applies herself and the company she represents diligently. The work she did with me was beyond reproach and for the first time I can honestly say, I actually enjoy going to the dentist!
Paul James Thompson

Dr Seyf is a fantastic dentist who truly cares about giving the best treatment possible. I have recommended Dr Seyf to friends, who now travel across town to see her and will continue recommending Dr Seyf to all.
Nazy McGoldrick

Just to say I can't tell you enough how amazing you guys were with
Rose. She has not expressed one ounce of upset about having her tooth
filled. She told me all about the "funny toothbrush" that cleaned the
cavity, the ring around her tooth to make sure the filling didn't go everywhere... everything.
Seriously, I can't believe how incredibly chilled out she is about
the whole thing. She has no idea that it can be traumatic for some
Wendelien Bellinger

Dr Seyf and her team have been helpful, friendly and considerate throughout my treatments over the last four months. Dr Seyf is very gentle and careful, and always fully explains what she is doing at each stage of any procedure. Her very able assistant Krasi is equally careful and looked after me very well, and a nice chat with Maria rounds of my visits pleasantly. In short, Seyf dental is an excellent practice in attractive surroundings, combining a professional approach with a friendly attitude which immediately puts one at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice, and I'm delighted with my new smile.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patricia and the team at Seyf Dental for my new found confidence thanks to my wonderful new smile. I have always been so nervous to go to the dentist. I’m so grateful to my friend for recommending your practice. I am overwhelmed by all the attention that I received during my treatment. From the beginning to the end, everyone made me feel calm and relaxed. Thanks for being so patient with me and giving me the extra time. It’s an absolute pleasure to visit you all and I’m looking forward to seeing you in 6 months time! Who would have ever thought that I would say that about going to the dentist?!
Marcos Zakakiotis

Patricia is so gentle, kind and efficient, I would recommend her always as a brilliant dentist in every respect. It is due solely to Patricia that at 70 I still have a lovely smile and healthy teeth.
Anne Sansom

Thank you for great service.
Mr Chris C

I was recommended to Dr Seyf having admired a friend’s teeth! I am absolutely over the moon with the result of my treatment. Dr Seyf and her assistant Anna are brilliant practitioners. Every step of the process was explained carefully, and executed with utmost care and professionalism. I am telling all my friends that they should not consider going anywhere else to have their teeth straightened. Dr Seyf is brilliant!
Ms Samantha Richards

Delighted with the end result, many thanks
Mr Stuart Bedford

Dr Patricia Seyf and her team provided an excellent service. After many years of being somewhat fearful of dentist, my mind was instantly put at ease. A clear plan was set out upfront and a schedule put in place to meet my requirements. All of the work done has given me increased confidence in my teeth. Would highly recommend Seyf Dental to anyone.
Mr Phil Hare

Without a doubt very professional, have complete trust in my care of my teeth, and confident that I am in good hands, Good explanation of process, options and recommendations with no pressure.
Mr Todd Debreceny