The prices are a guide and illustrate a selection of our treatments. Our dentist will always provide you with a clear and detailed treatment plan. For further information on other treatments available, please contact us 020 8878 2802

  • New patient oral health examination (includes 2 x-rays) £120.00
  • Recall patient oral health examination £75.00
  • Child examinations (16 and under) £55.00
  • Cosmetic treatment consultation £120.00
  • X-rays (per) £15.00
  • Routine oral hygiene treatment from £95.00
  • Periodontal treatment from £120.00
  • Implants (excluding crown) from £1700.00
  • White fillings from £95.00
  • Root canal treatment from £450.00
  • Crowns from £850.00
  • Veneers from £850.00
  • Dentures from £900.00
  • Orthodontic treatment from £1800.00
  • Wrinkle removing injection (up to 3 areas) from £380.00
  • Emergency appointment from £80.00
  • PPE for AGP procedure £35.00 per visit
  • PPE for Non-AGP procedure £25.00 per visit


Price list updated June 2020

General Information

Fees for private dental treatment vary widely.  The fee varies due to the complexity of the problem, the locality and the quality of the materials used.  Some techniques are more expensive than others.  You should always ask for information from the dentist about the available treatment options. A written quotation will be given to you but this is only possible after the dentist has assessed your problem at a consultation.

For complex cases there will be a charge of £100.00 for detail treatment plan/ Estimate which will be refunded if patient goes ahead with the agreed treatment plan.

The treatment plan and quotation are reviewed on an on-going basis during the treatment. If there is a change to the treatment plan after treatment has started, you will be informed and given the opportunity to agree to the modified treatment plan before the modified treatment is carried out or the original treatment plan is continued.

Please note that in order to protect our patients and our staff we adhere strictly to the latest guidelines on sterilisation and cross infection control. These additional measures require that we spend a few minutes before the start of your appointment preparing the surgery for you.

Terms of Payment

Payment is due on the day of each appointment.  We accept payment by debit and credit card (excluding American Express), cheques are not accepted

Notice of Cancellation

We would kindly ask that you inform us as early as possible if you find that you will be unable to attend an appointment. Given less than 48 working hours’ notice of a cancellation, we reserve the right to make a charge for appointments that cannot be refilled. The charge for missed appointments is £200 per hour based on the appointment length. We will make every effort to remind you that you have an appointment but please do not rely on us to do so. Please inform us of any change to your contact details to ensure you receive our appointment reminders.

If you have paid a deposit to secure your first appointment and cancel with less than 48 working hours’ notice or do not attend this appointment, your deposit will not be refunded to you